Your opinion doesn't count

I barely talk about Miss C's problems, ok maybe I do a tad bit more, but I don't talk about it because well, I really have no idea.

Thing is today she had a medical evaluation, the typical back to school crap.

With a new doctor.
With a new government medical insurance doctor.

I hate these doctors.

That's why I had private insurance because I cannot tolerate these people.

Today was nothing different.

This was our 5th visit or trial visit. Everytime we went, they'd send us home because they were too full. I have a card that boasts the office hours from 8am-5pm and at 11am they attend no more patients.

Well then don't false advertise.

Anyway we went at 7am, take that you sicko's!!

They wanted her Social Security Card. I declined. You can't have it. It's against the law, due to identity theft, to ask or use my card or her card for any identification purposes, that is why she has an INSURANCE CARD.

After several odd looks, they obliged.

We made the #2 slot. They sent us in quickly.

After a few quick questions and revisions of her paperwork, the doctor quickly remarked:

"This child was misdiagnosed. She was never AUTISTIC."

WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! YOU DON'T SAY!!!

"I'm so sorry Doctor, I do appreciate your expertise, but she was diagnosed correctly".

"What are you trying to say?? That she is cured. NO ONE IS CURED FROM AUTISM".
She's a real bright one ain't she.

"I understand that, but she is recovering. You didn't see my child when she was at her all time Autistic high. Headbanging, handflapping, tiptoeing, screaming, no talking, obsessed, ritualed child. I KNOW. I lived through all of that. That my hard work paid off, that my sweat and tears and money made some of it go away, well that's a whole different story."

She sat in silence.

She then questioned as to why my child has not received Physical or Visual evaluations.

"Do you have any idea of how the Department of Education works?"

"Well, if you ask for these evaluations they will give them to you".

"Yeah, real soon, I got the Physical Evaluation 2 years after I originally asked for it and I fought for it too. I am not your average mom".

"Well, some parents don't work hard enough. There are organizations and lawyers who can help. It is a shame so much money (public funding) is not used because parents do not fight for it".

I sat flabbergasted.

What was this imbecil telling me??? That I wasn't doing my part. That I have been sitting on my ass for 4 years, waiting for it all to come to me????

"Well, Doctor, I disagree. Some of us, do work. But the problem isn't us, it's our government and the damn burocracy in which things are run".

She finally shut up and did her work.

She found a throat infection, was quick to prescribe antibiotics (which I will not give to her) and said:

"Well her not being Autistic should be a thrill to you!! You should be happy she doesn't comply with any of the traits".

"Yeah, well she still needs helps and just because she has gotten so much better doesn't mean it didn't exist".

I left.


How dare she tell me that none of our lives ever happened. That I was a paranoid mother. That I did not cry for several years not knowing what would happen to my daughter. How dare her suggest that doctors didn't know what they were doing? Doctors not paid by the government, private doctors paid out of my pocket!!! And not to be stuck up, but the best doctors I could get!!!

How dare you be a Doctor and yet be so completely ignorant!

You should have your licensed revoked and you should dedicate the rest of your life to rocks.

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