Weekend Recap

So it was a extremely busy weekend, with the Yankees FINALLY beating Boston last night, after two horrid nights of being whupped.

Thursday I made my way with a huge homemade slice of Lasagna and sat to soak in some Sex and the City...ahhh...I love Carrie.

Miss C made her way into the living room to announce her loose tooth had just gotten looser with something she ate. I thought it was going to be worse, but she took it very well and let me pull her tooth out. Gal just saved me $65 bucks at the dentist.

Of course she put her tooth under her pillow for the "mouse" to leave her some cash. We don't have toothfairies, but mice do the job just as well. She was excited with the $2 bucks she got at home, 2 more at grandma's and 20 at True's, which I quickly took back and made True give her 2 bucks. Not only is the mouse make several stops at different houses for the same tooth, but it seems the tooth business is going well.

Friday, 4th of July, we didn't make it to the beach, since I am not suicidal (and thank God I didn't because they killed a person in broad daylight; nothing like hotdogs and homicide to make a day). We decided on a lighter, less blood-shed activity like hitting Border's. Miss C loves books and she was saving some money Vietnam had given her, plus her new found riches thanks to a very generous mouse, so it seemed like a fun thing to do. She hanged on to the Wall-E display and squealed in delight with the tons of books. In the end, we had to help her with the bill, but her face of joy was well worth it.

True headed off to work (yes, he worked), I headed off to my aunt's house for some pool fun.

Saturday we layed low, did some school shopping and rented some movies.

I also decided to experiment in the kitchen and make some stuffed Manicotti. Those little suckers are hard to fill, but the final result was finger licking good. True is one very lucky man. I cook.

Sunday we hit our favorite pizzeria after church and sat our asses to a few more movies.

After the flicks, a mini nervous breakdown with the dying refrigerator, I decided that was my cue to call it a night.

Today I've got tons of crap to do for the back to school season and hopefully I can get my head around a nice nap.

How was your weekend?

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