things that bug me

lack of sleep

rotten attitude

waterproof mascara that stings eyes....

nosy people sticking their heads in my office...

rotten attitude.

bad hair days

having the immediate solution to something and still not knowing what to do.

wanting to bang my head on my desk and not being able to do so.

seeing an add that read: "now you can scream through email". Really???

hot sticky weather.

the person who pays with pennies at the tollbooth.

the same person who doesn't know how to add properly, causing major jams at the tollbooth.

people who say I'm 'fat'.

Vader and her parenting 101's

people who think I'm their gopher.

the Sahara dust that is causing all types of allergies.

our governor.


the New York Mets.

the spoiled brats on my Super Sweet Sixteen.

Their stupid a** parents.


did i mention rotten attitude?


rotten attitude.
MY rotten attitude.

sucky sucky days ahead.

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