it's raining, I'm starving, I have no Death Van.

I am awaiting my prince Charming to come in the form of True to pick me up and take me to a far far away land to eat at least a double bacon cheeseburger.

Yeah. I need the fat.

I'm tired.
I'm sleep deprived.
I have waaaay too many things I've said "yes" to.

But Gosh darnit I'm gonna do it.

The Emergency Broadcast System has just announced sudden flash flood warnings in effect.

that means, we'll be driving by pools of black water on our way home.

Miss C.
she's a coniving one.
She hides toys in her pockets, hands and pretends she has none.
Shows me her hand empty....

"No, not that hand...the other one".

She gives me the "damn, my mom is waaay to bright".

yes I am.

I had brownies in my fridge and did not bring them to work.
Did I mention I was hungry.

Did I mention that for the first time in 10 years of living in my house, some crackhead....yes I said crackhead, he happens to be a crackhead, cokehead...addict, jumped over our gate, broke into my brother's girlfriend's car and stole her radio???

I guess leaving my dvd player, Ipod and purse on my passenger's seat is out of the question now. So much for only putting one lock on my door.

But did I mention that my bro, went to the 'spot'..you know, where the dealers do their thing, to search for the CH (CrackHead) and found him.

Asked him about the radio....

Guess what the CH told him??

Just Guess.

"I'll cost ya Five Bucks".

He is also business savy, the punk.
Maybe he'll make the next Apprentice: CH Edition.

Just as bro was gonna clock his arse, he got away and ran into some bushes, cops couldn't reach him.

Vader is worried.
Bro has spent too many night in the backstreet with the hoodlums, bringing on heat from the cops...

Ricky Martin in the South Bronx, or in Puerto Rico : The Perla...

It makes no sense.
It just draws attention and brings danger.

They could easily slice his arse and have him for breakfast.

A lá Hostel.

So that is my day.
Father's day?

Oh...spent it with True's parents. Nothing fancy. Just chilling.

Gulfing down Oreo Milk shakes...putting on the pounds.

I need to start Pilates.

I'll do that right after I've eaten a cow later on.


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