Go Vader, it's your birthday...

Go Vader, it's your birthday...

Go Vader, it's your birthday...

It's Vader's B-day..I have a conflict in schedule so I'll have to split myself open in two parts to make everyone happy.

I don't have a mushy post for you.
Or maybe I do.
but here goes.

Vader, I admire your strength and all the hard work.
Working two jobs when Vietnam decided to not work, in order to put food on the table.

Not knowing English, getting abused at your job, having someone steal your purse and all other crap, so that your kids could have their Nintendo for Christmas.

Thank you for letting us know that sometimes we couldn't have all the other stuff the 'cool kids' had, but we had 'nice clothes', shoes and a roof over our head.

Thank you for sticking up for me in school when teachers mentioned I had a 'slight' disciplinary problem....when actually it was that certain teachers were plain arses.

Thank you for pushing me out of my house and having me sleep on the cot of strange home in order for me to grow up, accept my responsability and become a woman.

Thank you for trying to understand that I am an adult.
Thank you for keeping quiet even when you don't agree with my things.

Thank you for scolding me and not accepting some of my things, because I pushed harder and harder to accomplish goals just to rub it in your face..and then finally you were proud.

Thank you Vader.
I have grown to respect you and the distance between us know has provided a healthier , saner enviroment.

I love you.
You are a brave woman.
And a special mom.

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