Silly Wabbit...

well you know I've been brushing up lately on my Autism Knowledge...

I've been reading some new books, deciding to try some new stuff and on my way to become a more knowledgeable parent....

I've just almost finished reading: "Children with Starving Brains" (Dr. Mc Candess) and "A Biological Approach to Autism" (William Shaw)...both books got me motivated to start a supplemental approach with Miss C.

So I went online bought some trial samples and decided that yesterday was a great day to start, at least with Vitamin B-6 and some Magnesium.

I bought chewable wafers....nice tasting ones too...

Hey they taste great...they're small...they come in a cute little fun fun!!

Silly Wabbit.

Miss C wasn't having it.

She bit, she screamed she wailed.

I shoved the wafer in her mouth, she spit it out, I shoved, she spit, I shoved, she almost chopped off my finger..

I rubbed the wafer on her teeth...I covered her nose so she could open her hermetically sealed mouth.

My dad stood behind me: "You are torturing this child!!!! This is sooo wrong!!"


"I spent mula on these here pills and she's gonna eat em' if it's the last thing I do".

I managed to force down one...I was too beat and too tired to go for another one. She started to force herself to vomit....I shook her like a rattle..."Don't you dare throw up!!! don't you dare!!"
I went upstairs and did what any other parent would do. I banged my head on the door for a few seconds. I am having a lovely week.

Today I felt masochistic.

I polverized the vitamins and placed them in some juice. I tried to bribe her.
"Drink up and get a prize".

I could have gotten her a life-long pass to Toys R Us and she couldn't have given a crap.

We went through the whole scenario again.

the crying the biting the screaming.
the banging head on door.

to top it all of Vader and I had a pro-wrestling match on my parental 'quack filled techniques'.

It went something along these lines:

"I don't agree with that diet of hers. That isn't a diet. It isn't fair. She is sick, she needs food. Pizza isnt' gonna hurt her".

"Yeah...Pizza is great for all kids...all the cheese, the wheat, the sauce... I just have Miss C climbing up walls for another week and a half....I love being a wicked mother and not allowing her to have any fun. Who gives a crap if she doesn't get any better, let her swallow donuts by the dozen!"


back to this morning...
I took her to school, she rolled her eyes and gave me her best: Drop dead look.

tonight I'm on the same plan.

She is gonna take those vitamins.

someone is gonna have to give.

and it ain't gonna be me.

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