Weekend Recap

Sometimes, it's this kid who keeps me sane.
And makes me insane.
All in one nice pretty package.

This weekend, she kept me sane.

I've had a loooong hard week.
The kind of week where you just wanna send it all to hell and crawl back into the cave you've emerged from.
The kind where you don't wanna pick up phones, talk to people or even take a shower.

Yeah. that kind of week.

The kind of week that my emotional sensors are so delicate I cried when I found out we weren't having rice at my mom's house. We were having macarroni.

Lots of things on my plate have contributed to my state. Not to mention all the other stuff I can't mention.

But it's been hard.

Trying to keep sane. trying to maintain a relationship, a kid, a job and not feel like I'm compromising waaay to much of me. And feel that at the end of the day, I have no clue where Mary is at.

but alas, it is a new day. a new week. a new month.
and after screaming into towels all last night, I think I'll make it.

In the meanwhile, please kindly look at this picture.
That blob you see....is the security guard at a local pharmacy.

sitting on an overturned shopping cart.

protecting the clients indeed.
I feel so much safer buying my Paxil at the pharmacy where the Stay Puff Marshmallow man does his part time shift...

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