a bit too much

this ruling the world thing...maybe a bit too much for my plate for now.

I have a headache the size of Mexico or Texas..or whatever piece of land is larger.

I have two big things this weekend and I'm pooped already.

The Parent Support Group I am in is doing a Mall Tour to create Autism Awareness. They have visited several of the large malls in Puerto Rico. This weekend I'm in charge of the mall in my area. I'm not even gonna go into details, but I am stressed. Luckily there are many people helping and the leaders have been great....it's just me...it's a bit hard you know...saturday for 12 hours and sunday for another 5. Without Miss C.

It's neccesary though. We need to create awareness of this epidemic, we need to help other parents who are starting in this long journey. I wanna help. So I will.

So far we have many volunteers including therapists, teachers and other health profesionals. So I hope it all turns out well.


Miss C has jumped off the wagon. She bit her tongue this weekend and is using that as an excuse to abandon her vitamins.

But I have bigger plans.....bigger strategies that would make the FBI and the Navy Seals shiver in their combat boots....or suits and ties....

I am blackmailing her.

In every possible way.

I've got her up to half a vitamin already.

Her Magnesium is being slipped into her juice...and pretty soon we're back on track.

Funny story...

As I was exiting Subway with my lunch in tow...a little old lady approached. She kind of looked like the lady who used to be in the Old Navy Commercials. No, not Morgan Fairchild...the one who had the big dark rimmed eyeglasses.

"Excuse me Miss, are you going this way...(she pointed to one of the mall exits), you see I am lost, I took the wrong bus and I need to get to the bus stop".

I look at her...puzzled. Because the bus stop isn't that far away.

"Um...no actually I'm in quite a hurry and I'm going the other way".

"Oh....(Pause) ok..thank you" and proceeded to look for another person.

I lied.
I was going her way.

But the situation was odd. She was a well dressed woman, about in her late 70's, wasn't too far from the bus stop, it wasn't raining...and she stayed to see if someone else would randomly pick her up.

I'm sorry but I am NOT making it on the FRONT PAGE:

"20 something year (cough) beatened and robbed by the notorious Grandma's Ganstas..."

it ain't happening....

I wonder who gave her a ride.

I wonder if they'll come out in the paper.

I'll keep ya posted...

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