days of the week

Miss C has developed a new obsession.

As if with the ones she had weren't enough to keep me busy.

She is now obsessed with the days of the week.

She needsto know what day it is and what do we do on this particular day.

"What day is it? What do we do? In the morning? or in the night?"

She has been wanting to go to Vader's house for quite some time, but see, we visit Vader's on Wednesday's.

So last night she asked and I gave her the rundown....

"Today is Tuesday, we go on Wednesday's when the sun leaves and the night comes".

"But the sun is gone!!!! There is no sun!!!"

"yes, but it's Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday".

"No. Today is Wednesday and there is no sun! Grandma's house today".

This went on for about a good half hour, when I finally decided to distract her and give her an icepop.

Anything to get her out of my wig.

This morning as soon as she got up her first words were:

"At Six, At six you pick me up. When the sun goes down we go to Grandma's".

Anybody in the Logistics Team of the FBI reading? You guys just might wanna recruit her.

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