I am strong

that is the catch phrase I used to convince Miss C to take her vitamins.

We are starting a vitamin/mineral supplemental approach to treat what is left of her Autism.

I say what is "left" because I am convinced I will have a normal child.

I've managed to make vitamins 'fun'....a contest of who will get stronger first....I pretend to steal her vitamins and she hurries ups and eats them...

I have also gone back to the foot patches I was using.

Have I noticed anything??

I must say I have.

She is eating like an animal....I'm talking about 3 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of cereal...juice...water...

After a week on Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium I see some changes in language.

She is speaking very clear and in full sentences....understanding instructions better and overall in a good mood.

We are moving on to adding Zinc, DMG, and digestive enzymes over the next few weeks.

I am sucker for non-invasive treatments and I think that this is the path for us.

It's hard as hell giving all these pills, not to mention the prices...but it is all for her benefit...and for my sanity...

so bottoms up...cause Miss C will be very very strong!

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