Piña Coladas anyone?

Well I am back. and I am alive.

This week, both Wednesday and Friday are big Holidays over here. So I went over a cliff here and asked for Thursday off, so I can have a little vacation time....Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I had plans.

Beach, Park, a little sleeping in.

But instead what I got was this

Yes. The Measles.

Not me.

Miss C.

So I've spent the whole day yesterday visiting hospitals, getting blood samples, in an emergency room (no doctor available since it was a holiday), telling a child over and over and over again, "do not scratch", having child tell me that since they drew blood out of her, she needed a prize.

Coming home to change sheets and lay in terror to the possibility that I might get em' because well, hell, I'm her caretaker.

So now my weekend plans have changed just a little bit.
I'm in a contained area, with a mask and heavy garments.

She is enclosed in a room, with an A/C very high to avoid possible further contamination. A room with smells of creams and lotions and hospital like substances.

So much for the beach, eh?

So in very general terms, yes this all sucks.

but hey I look at it on the bright side, maybe God was saving me from something worse.

Maybe I was gonna die at the beach. Maybe a great white shark was gonna chomp off both of my legs, or I was gonna die choking on a piragua (typical frozen sweet treat)or piña colada...all is possible.

So I'm thankful I'm stuck here with a sick kid, praying that I won't get sick as well.

It all works out in the end.

Really it does.

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