going up...going down

Tonight Miss C's ex teacher and me are going to see Gwen Stefani in concert.

three months ago when I purchased my ticket, I was so so so thrilled and excited.

Today, I could care less if she came to perform in my house.

I'm going through some inevitable mood swings and I just wanna mope and mope and mope some more.

There are things that are happening that are weighing me down, like Wild E. Coyote with an ACME Anvil tied to his ankle.

I'm a little depressed and heartbroken at certain things in my life and kind of just need to mellow a bit.

Who knows maybe a good concert is just what I need.

It's just been one of those weeks where nothing seems right.

Where I don't know where I stand....and wonder how much have I compromised of myself to everyone else and forgot to make myself happy along the way...

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