a random day in the hood

This morning as I made my way to my local drivethrough to get my usual breakfast run I realized they were chopping some trees (don't get me started on this matter, the chopping of trees being committed lately) and I had to do the unthinkable..


get out of my car and WALK inside to get "breakfast"..."breakfast" meaning a chocolate chip cookie and a small softdrink....I don't drink coffee and I need some kind of caffeine boost...so sue me

So I walk in...and the lady behind the register goes:

"You're the girl who always goes through the drive through...Chocolate chip cookie and small drink...right?..." she gives me a big smile..

I nervously chuckle...


she arches an eyebrow..."what are you doing inside?"

I point out to the tree obstruction...

"Oh....it's funny how you always order the same thing...everyday".


I paid for my order and quickly squirmed away...

I know she was being nice...but it felt kind of uncomfortable that I am so predictable...
I mean..if anybody wanted to axe me off, you'd know where to find me at a quarter to nine.


Random thoughts of the day:

I have no water...since yesterday morning. I've been bathing with my emergency supply...heating water in pots and pans to be able to get a decent shower in the morning. Stoneages people...stoneages...

Ms. Teacher....I have no idea what got into your pretty little head to assume I am gonna be able to make my 5 year old memorize a 6 line poem in three hours before she has to go to bed...I am a mom not Mr. Wizard...I have a Kindergardener, not a Yale Pre-Law....

Why do bathrooms have echos? Like I really need to hear other people's gases or mines, for that matter, amplified...???

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