So, we're in bed, with the nightlight on...

a noise interrupts the silence of our 'close-to-slumber' time...

Miss C, startled looks at me...

"What was that?"

"Oh..that was just the dog next door dragging something".

The noise starts again.
She covers her ears, then pulls the covers over her head.

"I'm scared".

"'s just the dog".

"'s a serpent (she actually says serpent and not snake)....see, it went like this...." She then proceeds to stick out her tongue and hiss like a serpent.

I can't help but laugh.

" is not a serpent...I'm here with you..and nothing will happen to you".

She takes the covers down...cuddles up in her pillow and replies, with almost an air of relief:

" it's probably gonna eat YOU".


"Mom....I just made a fart with my nose".

Just ignore the fact that she used the word "made" in the sentence...and let's focus shall we on the 'fart with my nose' part.

"You made a fart with your nose?"

I know I shouldn't have done the following people...but curiosity killed the cat...and I just had to ask the obvious...

"How do you, dear, make farts with your nose??"

She then snorts outward from her nose...smiles in sheer delight and with a sense of accomplishment, only achieved by her mom when she buys a killer pair of shoes on sales, squeals:

" saw it??!!!..Miss C made a fart with her nose!!"

"that's nice sweety...but can you use the word 'GAS' instead??"

"Ok...Miss C made a GAS with her nose".

Much better.

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