woncha be my neighbor..?

hey..it's allright if you like tex mex..if you like Selena..Marco Antonio Solis...Los Tigres del Norte...sur...oeste..whatever..

What is not allright is that you start playing it at 7am...EVERYDAY...INCLUDING WEEKENDS...and that you play it ALL day until 11 o' clock...

I do not wanna hear the mutherbleepin' technocumbia at that hour!!!

what do i do with drug-selling-goat-head-chopping neighbor??

1. He sells drugs....right there in our faces..we have tons of kids riding up in their bikes to buy..

2. He loves to chop the heads off of young goats and hang em up on his door..

My bro learned this the hard way. He said: "I saw that head and I thought...what an odd ornament for a door...then I saw blood coming out of it's nose...I thought "whatthefuck??" It's REAL!!"..

3. sometimes he is so drunk he passes out in the driveway...my brother once thought he was dead...but he wasn't..

4. He once fixed something in my house, and when I paid him, he grabbed my hand funny...funny as in I wanna fix other stuff too...

On the other hand...

1. He's a great handyman...efficient and cheap
2. He's a good mechanic too..
3. He brings toys for my daughter...don't ask me where he gets them from..
4. Always says Hi..unless he is killing a goat.
5. Let's me use his parking space...

How on earth can I deal with this????

I mean...killing goats is one thing...

BUT SELENA ALL DAMN DAY!!!!!!?????????


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