Big Pimpin...

Yesterday I was speaking to the Empress. It has been a while since I've talked to her. We've both been busy....

and I feel like a turd for neglecting our friendship.

There, ya happy?

So anyways, we were just catching up on things and we were talking about how many wicked memories we were building to share with our grandkids.

And then she reminded me of one I had forgotten:

Let me take ya back to the late 90's.

It was raining.

No. It was POURING.

I was downtown rehearsing for a talent show.
Empress was standing at the bus stop waiting to catch a bus to meet up with me.

But alas, there was rain, and no buses.

Then, a sleek crown victoria with tinted windows stops beside her.

Empress, puzzled, wondered why the car stopped.

The back windows come down and a head pops out.

"Where are you headed??"

Empress astonished, "Um...downtown".

"Hop on in, I'll drop you off".

So she arrives downtown in a chaufeur driven crown victoria.

"You'll never guess who gave me a ride??"

"Oh, Lord, I'm afraid to even ask".

"The mayor. Our mayor!!!! The mayor gave me a ride in his car, with his chaufeur!!".

Now let me just add, this wasn't ANY mayor. This was the mayor of our hometown for more than a trillion years. A mayor who is dearly loved by everyone, very popular, a mayor who also happened to be my grandmother's cousin (as I later found out).

So....Empress got a ride to a talent show, where I was gonna rap by our mayor.

I don't know what they talked about on the way over. And if these conversations bared fruit to any of the powerful connections Empress has nowadays...but you gotta makes for one hellofa great story for the kiddies...

"Big pimping ya'll spending cheese".

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