Lost their Mind Friday

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately had to find a OBYGN....

But alas, I had very very crappy Medical Insurance.

Government Medical Insurance

So the options were very very limited.

I found a doc near my new home and stuck to him.

His office was an old run down house in the downtown area, inside it was cozy, but nothing Hi-Tech or fancy.

The Doc himself was allright.

It was the nurse that had lost her bleepin' mind.

She always arrived looking like she has been dragged by a pick up truck prior to arriving.

Her hair disheveled. She wore a traditional white nurse uniform with stockings and shoes, the lil' white nurse hat (do they even use those anymore?)and she spoke very rambly like, very quick...even kind of slurrish, like she hit the Jack (Daniels) before arriving to check ta' ta's..

So anyway...she'd call you, weigh you...ramble about her sick sister, her economical situation..blah blah...

Then one day...as she was weighing me in the little room, I was about 6 months along, she asked me: "Do you think I could borrow ten dollars?"

I'll give you a second to take that in.

I was a bit taken back....and I looked at her puppy-dog-who-just-drank-some-vodka eyes...and before I could even think about anything...

"Oh, thank you thank you...I'll repay you next week when I get paid".
"No, problem".

So, next week came, she weighed me in and nada.
The next week came, she weighed me in and nada.
And so forth, and so forth.

About a month and a half later, as she was weighing me in, she went on her usual ramble on how broke she was....and she looked at me and asked:

"Do you think I could borrow twenty dollars?"

(*&^%$#@$%^&**) what-themutha-bleepin-crap-do-u-take-my-pregnant-arse-for???

I looked at her and wanted to scream out...

"Witch...u owe me ten bucks already...I'm about to pop out a chi-chi and you want twenty more diaper purchasing dollars??"

But something about her was off.

We were alone in that room.

She was the nurse who checked my vitals and the lil' heartbeat hearing machine and gave me prenatal pills.

I didn't wanna die.

or have my chi-chi removed from my womb and sold on e-bay.

so I just said I had no money.

and she never asked me again.

I wonder how many suckers like me fell for it.

I never mentioned anything to the doctor, and now I think I should have.

But, I popped out the kid, and never went back.

As a matter-a-fact....I have never been back to a OBYGN since the kid's birth.

That was 5 years ago...imagine how much cash the witch would ask for now..??

who do you know who has lost their mind?

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