it wasnt all bad...

Last night I spent the night at my in laws.

Miss C doesn't start school this week, and in order to save some mula on childcare, my MIL offered to take care of her.

I thought the easiest approach to avoid some much anticipated traffic was to stay over.

heck, they have a spare room, with a huge bed for us, so why not.

As I sat in the living room, I remembered I had forgotten to bring soap.

To which True's Mom quickly came to my rescue....

"There is extra soap in the medicine cabinet, so don't you worry".

As soon as I had decided me and Miss C were gonna take a shower and call it a night, True's mom came in,

"I put the soap right in the shower so you didn't have to go searching for it."

How sweet.
Like it was gonna be hard searching for a bar of soap in a cabinet.

His mom is the best.

So, as I'm taking a shower, and I'm lathering up....the soap smelled exactly like the soap my grandma used when I used to visit her here in Puerto Rico during my summers.

But I kind of shrug off the smell and decide to hit the sack.

But, as I lay there all sorts of memories came flooding in.

I sank into the ambience around me.

The soft glimmer of the kitchen light coming in through the crack of the door, the fresh scent of grandma's soap, the crisp, clean bed sheets, that True's mom always puts when we stay over....the same crispness that my grandma used to provide....then there was the buzz of the fan. The buzz of the fan that lightly refreshed the room, so soft and subtle, enabling me to hear something I had not heard in such a long time, due to my obsessiveness with the A/C:

I heard crickets.
and Coqui's.

And all sorts of insects in their Melodic Symphony.

And I lay there, looking at Miss C who had already fell asleep.

Thinking of my summers in Puerto Rico, as a child, sleeping with my Aunt or Grandma, smelling like Safe Guard....hearing the crickets and coqui's...and touching soft crisp sheets....and how I loved those summers, no matter how hot they were. How I didn't care for A/C's, or fancy soaps, or tv's, or ipod' I was so happy to be there, with my the still of the night, and feel that everything was gonna be just fine.

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