She came running in the office:

"Dial 411!! Dial 411!!"
and she bolted out as fast as she had bolted in.

It was one of the house employees...

I guessed 911 was a better option.

As I ran outside to ask her the reason so I could provide details, I saw her run into the alleyway that leads to the beach.

"Ma'am...? is there a fire? someone drowning? anyone hurt??"

"Um. I really have no idea."

"I'll send some police officers your way".

The police came...combed the beach, found nothing, asked me, I had no answers.

The employee had gone missing.

I went back into my

If someone had died, I'd find out sitting in my chair with the A/C on.

Minutes later I called the employee.

All I understood was:

"Ok...I got the guy..."

I hung up.

Minutes later she walked in.

"Um. 411 wasn't available and 911 wanted to know what the problem was".

"I didn't have time to explain the problem".

"Well, next time you do, I can't tell them to send firefighters when someone is drowing".




"Soo...what was the problem??"

"Did you look outside?"


"Look outside".

"What's outside?".

"Look outside, there was a guy next to your car, I thought he was trying to steal your tires, but he was doing something else."

Well, first of all I wished he would have stolen those tires, it would have given me more motivation to get those new tires I've been saying I'm gonna buy for over 3 weeks. Second of all, I thought the guy had taken a crap next to my tire.

But, ::le sigh::, that was not the case.

Instead I saw a whole crapload of flowers and aloe plants uprooted, yanked from the ground.

The guy stated he wanted to steal the plants.

He was trying to steal an aloe plant.

Did he have a severe sunburn that needed attending to?

Are we that messed up that he prefered to steal a plant than steal my deathvan????


I guess it works out in the end.

He didn't steal my deathvan..and our employee ran a couple of yards to trap the Aloe Thief.

Some excitement in the office on a Friday at 3:30pm isn't bad at all.

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