Oh Yeah??

this is the popular phrase Miss C is sporting these days...everytime you ask her to do something, or start to reprimand her, she responds:

"Oh yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh??!!" in that squeaky baby voice of hers...

That is precisely the phrase I wanted to use last night on someone, accompanied by some blows to the head with a really sharp object.

True, another fellow Emcee and I made our way to a producer's house last night. He is doing a mixtape and asked us to participate. I had never met the dude, but True and Ale knew him, and assured this guy was good and nice and blah blah....

I of course, know better, and always keep my poker face on.

We get there, go in, guy is nice, offers beverages and we get down to business.

First of all, there wasn't a single track I liked. At least not in my taste. True kept asking which one I liked, and I gave him the googley eyed stared, which was meant to be translated to: "not a single damn one". But he kept asking.

At one point I closed my eyes to pretend I was concentrating on the listening part.

Anyway...after several tracks....True picked one out, that wasn't half bad, and the guy goes rambling on about how he is very honest, how he tells emcees to their face if they are bad..blah blah blah...then he starts rambling on how he doesn't know how people can produce and rap....

To which I felt like answering...

You don't do both simultaneously.
You first produce a track.
Then you rap on it.
It's not like your producing and rapping all at the same time...

Then...he started getting more personal with True....like asking if we live together...when is the wedding..blah blah...

True explains..they talk...

And then the guy looks at me:

"You have a kid? dontcha? a boy."

"Yes, but actually it's a girl".

"Oh.." Then he turns to True..."...well, that's big...you have to make sure you love his boy..You have to love this boy before you get married".

True corrects him: "I do...I love that little GIRL, alot."

The arse continues: "...cuz let me tell you something..no offense to you, but I couldn't marry no woman with a kid. I looked hard for someone without a child. If I don't have one, why should I marry someone who already does. Why not have the privilege to start fresh. People would ask me when I would marry, and I'd be like, I need to find someone without a child...you know there are lots of women with kids around...and I feel I deserved someone without one".On the risk of sounding cruel...I knew beforehand he had lost his first baby a few months ago....

karma is a bitch.

I kept quiet.

I tried to prevent my eye from popping out of it's socket.

I wanted to scream: "Oh yeaaaaaaah...you mutherbleepinsonofawitch...what the hell are single women with kids supposed to do????? stay single FOREVER, because asses like you don't like us???"
and then slowly pull his fingernails out with a plier.

But I didn't.

I kept quiet.

I was an adult.

And we left.

But now I feel sick to my stomach and I have that lil' thorn in my spine...and I wanna see him and tell him what a jerk he is...

I'm sure I'll get the chance.
and maybe next time he'll actually use his brain for more than just weak beats.

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