It was another casual Sunday afternoon.
Me, True and Miss C were on our way to have lunch, after our usual church service.

We decided on a local fast food place...chicken was on our mind.

I sit down and observe as True is ordering.

I notice four girls ahead of him in the line.
I noticed them because one of them had the same shirt I had on, in a different color and they all seem very young, very happy, very trendy.

The typical single girlfriends who are out having lunch.


True arrives with the food. He tells me he ordered our dessert, but will pick it up after we finish our food...and we get ready to eat...

But out of the blue, one of the girls who was in the line approaches us with her tray...and a notebook in her hand...

" name you guys mind if I sit with you and share a mission I have?"

True and I exchange glances....I tell her no problem...

Silly silly me...


Retarded Retarded me..thought she was a student conducting surveys or selling something...

Here's our sitting arrangment..

it's a four seat table...two on each side across from each other.

I'm on one side with True to my left...
Miss C is across from me...

And the Girl is next to Miss C. Girl as in early/mid twenties.

She asked our names...various times...I didn't give out Miss C's full name...and as she started to eat...she briefly said...

"We are living in a hard world..I want a world of love, support...I have a mission..."

I arched my eyebrow and thought "what mission?"

But I'm smarter than that, and I did not ask...because if girlfriend was gonna start rambling on some crazy sh*t I was gonna have to beat her with my drumstick.

"You guys...what are your names again??? look like such a splendid family"

She turns to Miss C..

"What is your name??? Why do you look at your mommy so much???"

At this point, she started to creep me out because Miss C starts opening up to her..

"Love is so important, I see you are a loving a part of my mission I bought these two desserts and I would like for you to have them".

We declined.

One: We had already purchased desserts.
Two: I don't take candy from strangers.

She started to insist.
We kept declining nicely.

True got up to get our desserts.
She leans over the table.

"Can I ask for a favor?"

::arch eyebrow::

"It all depends.."

"Well, to complete my mission, I need you to eat at least one bite of this dessert, just one spoonful and that's it....please".


"Just one.."

"I said NO".

She backed off, got the picture. I could of been rude to her and told her to ...eff off, but these days with all the things I see on TV, I wasn't about to get stabbed at Church's Chicken.

"Well, it has been a pleasure sharing my mission....Can I hug you guys..?"

Before we could utter a word, she leaned over and hugged Miss C...and me and True..

As Gnightgirl would say:

Bad Juju..

And she left to the cash register to buy more desserts....Me and True looked at each other...and sat in silence..since she was still close by...

But as we began observing...the girls had all split up and each of them was at a table in the same operating method...with desserts and all..

True looks at me...nods in the direction of the table ahead of us..

"Is that another one?"


"Let's get out of here".

We proceeded to leave and there were others outside...hugging strangers, giving away desserts....acting very very weird...

It was like a Neo-Hippie movement without the weed...

As we got in our car, a few of them looked our way and smiled....

But there was something not totally genuine about these smiles...they looked off...very off...just as off as that girl's eyes when she spoke to us...

We quickly buckled Miss C in and drove off....very fast...
And joked about cults who sacrifice kids and stuff like that..

But deep down inside....we fell silent...with the weirdness and the possibility of it all...

May God forgive me if they were truly performing geuine acts of kindness...but I'm not about to die eating a chocolate brownie cake...

in church clothes...

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