And we lost tonight....we had a perfect streak and we messed it up....damn Yankees....we are still not even qualified for the wild card....We need Boston to keep on lose lose we can crawl back up....

we'll see how it goes, but the season is winding down....::sigh::

Even sports can be stressing...

Miss C is now free of measles....has a nice new sharp haircut and has been spending her days not really caring I'm her mom.

She prefers to spend time with anyone but me.

Wednesday, for the first time in a zillion years, I slept by myself. She decided she wanted to spend the night at Vader's.

An empty bed for me, sheets all for me, the TV ALL FOR ME.

SILENCE all for me.
No having to get a kid dressed in the morning.
Being able to wake up and not have to chit chat or give orders.

sounds cruel, but it was pure bliss.

I needed that alone time, especially since she is being such a turd lately.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in almost a month. I had been absent due to all these illinesses and so forth. Miss C wanted to tag along.

It's kind of hard to get your spiritual groove on, when you have a five year old attatched to your leg, desperately screaming: "Ceeeeereeeaaaaaaaal!! I want colored cereeeeaaaal NOW!!!"

Even the pastors couldn't get their ALELUYA ON, with the kid demanding a snack.

Thank God for Back to School's.

Which happen to be next week.
Only Miss C's teacher has informed me that she will not be receiving her students the first week, she will be receiving the parents for meetings.


Back to School for me.

I adore going to schools and mingling with the personnel.

::rolls eyes::

As for the rest of the eventful days, so tenderly called "LIFE".

Well, let's just say it's there.

I've tried to manage through the days as best as I can. Yesterday was our (True and Me) 11 month anniversary....we are a month away from having our one year celebration.

I'll give you a moment so you can appreciate the crickets in the background.

I was so tired I feel asleep yesterday.
some celebration.

We've definitely have had our ups and downs.
The wedding plans are on hold, until he gets a stable job. His work hours were cut in half due to the economical crisis the island is facing.

and I love the guy, but I'm not getting married to anyone who can't hold his own, wallet wise.

I've got enough sh*t in my life right now to have another worry.

So he's working on the job thing.
We've been looking at rings.
He's noticed my dismay and reduced excitement on the whole wedding thing.

I'm just going through a period of dismay.
I'm dismayed at a lot of things right now.

I've had lots of ideas on the way things should be, and they are resulting in other things.

But I'm still here.
Eating up all the chocolate cookies I can get a hold of to ease the pain.
Surrounded by very understanding people who know it's best not to mess with me when I'm this way.

a lil bit of the old mary keeps piercing out...and even though i'm trying to keep her underwraps, I can't help myself at times...

Like, let's say, yesterday a woman honking her horn at me, so I would move out of the way, clearly not seeing I had stopped because there was not one, but three police officers stopping the car in front of me.

The police look at me, like if i'm the crazy woman honking the horn, but realize it's not me.

meanwhile crazy lady keeps on honking and talking trash at me.

a perfect scenario for mary to run loose.

"You stupid ............*&^%$"


I can't help it.
some people just ask for it.

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