Autism: The Musical

Yesterday I watched this: Autism The Musical

I don't know if it was a smart move on my behalf...or due to the state I'm in these days, healthy for me.

I saw myself in so many of those families.

I almost died when Lexi's mom yelled: "What kind of mother wishes their child die before them???"


I ended my night with so many questions, doubts, fear, anger...above all perplexed...

How could??

How could the God of love allow this to happen??

True's answer: "So that He may manifest his Glory"

I'm sorry, but that sounds very egotistical to me.

Why allow grief and pain into a house...why allow a child to suffer from ANY type of illness??

I maybe understand the part about having their parents 'see the light'...but what if they don't?? Does this child have to suffer those consequences???

The documentary ended and I sniffled my way into bed, with my rage and my frustration aboard and all I could muster was:

Help me understand the why.

I sure hope the guy is diligent with his calls.

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