having no clue

She spit on someone's face yesterday. Someone being the owner of the daycare she attends in the afternoon.

My heart just broke a little bit more.

I was driving this morning when "Sweet Child of Mine" the version Sheryl Crow does, came on the radio...

She sang: "Where do we go now?"

I don't know.
Part of me wants to go to war and make someone pay and take back what is mine.

and Part of me wants the easy route, give in, give her some meds and be on my merry way.

It's not fair that after all we've conquered we seem to be back at square one.

It's not fair that after all these years, I still have tears to shed.

Part of me can't even stand to see my Kid.
Part of me longs for her to fall asleep so I can have some time to myself.
Part of me wants to wake her up and reassure her that I'll love her no matter what and that whatever this thing is, we'll make it through.

Part of me knows this is easier said than done.

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