Weekend Recap

No, I've haven't been swiped off the blogger hemisphere...

I've had a long weekend.
And NOT in a good way.

I have a sick child on my hands.

Sick children are NOT fun.

Sick-hallucinating-on-deadly-anti-biotics is NOT FUN AT ALL.

Ok. I'm lying.

Maybe it was a bit funny.

Especially the part where she screamed she needed "more cold now" and threw herself on the floor in front of the A/C.

Or the part where she demanded "ice...ICE NOW FOR MY EXPLODING BRAINS!"

I kid you not the girl is gonna win us an OSCAR.

The part I liked the most was when she mentioned bunnies and punches and was hot and cold all in a period of 30 seconds.

And who can forget the biggest proof of our love-hate relationship.



Antibiotics are from hell...and she keeps spitting out the Nystatin....

She's still sick as I type right now, but for a momma who has gotten about 4 hours of sleep these past few days, it's good to be at the office.

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