Peeve Part Deux

There is a particular person, who I will not say who it is, or where they are from or how they surround or are related to me, that ALWAYS waits till I am eating to ask for some of my food.

"Ask" I mean, grab a plate, napkin or some sort of container and put their hands in MY food, load up their plate and leave.

"I just want a little".

I've been condescending, nice, quiet....have said nothing.

Don't wanna sound greedy.

But today I just about had it.

"You went to have lunch and you didn't tell me???!!...Ooooh I'm having some of those fries"

Then proceeded to take my empty fry pouch and self serve.

I stared in disbelief.

"You've got some nerve!!! This is my lunch, I bought a small amount for me and you're gonna take the little I have!!"

The person took my fries anyway and answered "Never underestimate a little bit of food. I had an aunt that cooked a little and managed to feed a lot of people".

Is this some sort of fish and bread parable????
I am so getting a pocket-machete this weekend.

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