I just absolutely hate it when I'm working and someone comes up and sees the pile of Chaos on my desk and asks me: "do you have a moment?"

for something totally non work related, that could probably wait until hell freezes over.


It's a long weekend over here....I might not be working tomorrow, which means I'll be off until Sunday.

I'm not even gonna count the days that I'm gonna be home with a child on my hands.

We were originally planning to Guanica like we did last year with True's folks (their anniversary is Friday) but True's working on Sunday and I have a huge play date as well. So Friday looks like Vader's coming over to be our personal chef and Thursday is looking like a plain day. I might hit the beach if the weather lightens up.

Other than that, it looks like my DVR is gonna be my friend this weekend.

What are you guys up to this Easter weekend?

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