Weekend Recap

I think I am the only person on this planet who can proudly and happily say:

"Thank God it's Monday!"

One more day in that house and I'd crack.

That's how my weekend went.

A crying kid. A screaming Kid.


I took her to the park on Saturday. I had invited all the parents of the Autism Support Group.

Everyone had an awesome time.

The belle of the ball, the sight for everyone was Miss C. Crying, Screaming, Pushing, Yelling...

Just a handful.

Everyone tried to help.

But no one had any luck.

The people in the next door gazebo (the ones who weren't in our party) looked on in shock, made comments, couldn't stop looking at the kid in the corner screaming her head off, while everyone else had such a great time.

Yesterday I tried to go to church, ten minutes there and she began to scream, whine, cry:

"I wanna go home...too much noise!"

The service hadn't even begun...we were just sitting there in complete silence at Bible School.

I picked up my stuff and left. I had had it.

I wasn't doing another church Sunday in HELL.

Just as I pulled out, my pastor waited on the curb, with his leg sticking out...he motioned me to stop.

He hugged me.

He prayed for me.

Asked if I was going to leave.

"I'm tired" was all I could muster between my tears. Autism has sucked the life out of us these days.

He prayed some more.

Let me go home.

I stuck Miss C in her room all day, no tv, no contact with the human world.

She cried, she screamed, she even prayed.

"Mom, I'm praying to Jesus"

Keep praying Kid.

She only came out to eat and pee.

I gave her a shower and put her to bed, by herself.

Today she woke up with more of the same...severe attitude problem...I was sooo happy to drop her off at school.

Thursday the women of my church are gonna meet up with me to pray for me and her.

I'm exhausted but thrilled to be at the office with a pile of paperwork and a whip cracking boss...

There is no way to understand us, is there?

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