Get ya' John Deere

So it's my birthday today.

Stop it. Hush.

I'm not a birthday person. Hell, I'm not a Christmas Person, I'm not a Thanksgiving Person...I'm not a person. Period.

I like my birthday's in silence. I like them to go un-noticed. I like to be alone and have a nice, quiet day.

I so hate, my parent's traditional birthday celebrations. They get me Carvel Cake, the same one, EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I have no idea who told them I like that cake THAT much. They bicker all night and prolong the singing until I almost wanna have a root canal.

But, alas, the Lord works in misterious ways and has paired me with Mr. Birthday Man himself.

The man who LOVES birthdays.

Who throws the most lavish birthdays for himself.
Who loves to play at birthdays.
Attend birthdays.

So he's like: "Aren't you gonna do anything?"
Do anything??

Like what???
"A party"

So, I budged.

But it ain't a party.

I prefer the term "gettogether"

With about 20 of my closest friends, a homemade cake by my bro's gal and music.


So I cleaned the house yesterday, Vader is making the o'derves and True is helping out.

He calls:

"So, you need anything else??" "Not really..." "You don't need balloons?"



There was a silence for about 15 seconds.


I don't like birthdays. What would make you think I like balloons.

The only balloons I've allowed were for Miss C's birthdays, which I have to stick out and there were two parties sans balloons.

Birthday party rules need to be modified.

No balloons, no singing "Happy Birthday" and NO NO cake smeared on faces...

But that's just me....
But I am looking forward to tonight and see my friends and eat homemade cake and I guess I can make some exceptions...

It's a farm themed event, due to the fact that people say I like in the farm instead of getting pissed I made invites with a farm logo...


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