I need sleep.

Haven't had sleep..good sleep in a few days. I'm thinking I might have 'gastritis'..forgive my lack of translation for the term which only means:


I think I've even lost weight..


Not all is bad...

But the stomach is killing me.


Since I can't sleep due to things out of my control.
I've become a sleep-deprived zombie who ponders about endless, worthless things all night..

So I thought, I'd share...After all...this is when my mind is at it's best..

1. Why do women insist on doing their makeup while driving? How on earth do these ladies put on mascara? or lipstick..?? Sometimes I just wish they'd have to do an emergency break while applying mascara just to see how many 'ye-ho' Pirates we can create...

2. I noticed last night that my left pinky is shorter than the other. The one that almost fell off to be exact. I didn't know it was smaller...I knew it was different..but I didn't know I was missing a chunk...

Why has no one informed me of this..??

3. Our Hamster Belle escaped from it's cell. Now I constantly have visions of a Huge Hamster eating it's way through my mattress and eventually eating my eyes out..."Go for the seeds Belle,....the seeds!!"

Payback is a bitch...eeerrh..a hamster...

4. Why does my boss insist on wearing her green stinky, apple cider and mud mask to the office all day? Does she really think everyone wants to see her as the Girly Version of Hulk....And when it starts to crack and flake and she keep shaking hands in meetings with her green face...does she really understand how at this rate she will no longer get laid...greeting them looking like some bad cross female mutation of Hulk gone bad...

go get yo' shizz together...

I've rambled long enough...
I'm gonna go sleep on my desk for a few..
I feel sleepy...at work..far away from my bed..

Go figures!

have a safe weekend..
I know I will!!

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