Ramble..Ramble...bare with me..

For today I need the rest of the human population to cut me some slack.

Sometimes we all need for the human population to cut us some slack.

Sometimes we just wanna crawl in our caves and stay there and not be talked to, looked at, questioned, touched...felt, heard...

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to fit in....we don't.

Sometimes no matter how hard we grip onto that last frail string that keep us from splatting onto the floor...we slip...


Sometimes the way we feel is unexplainable....and the emptiness we feel in the pit of our stomach is revolting.

Sometimes, in the unexplainable, in our solitude, in our mess, in our kaos...we strive to find reasons to explain, to socialize, to organize to re-structure.

Sometimes we cry because we have nothing left.
Or because we have everything left.

Sometimes we ponder at our short ages: what have we accomplished in life, what do we have to account for?

Sometimes we have nothing to account for.
Sometimes we carry the burden of having to account for everything.

"In my place, in my place,were lines that I couldn't change,I was lost, oh yeah. and I was lost, I was lost,Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed,I was lost, oh yeah."

Coldplay's....In my Place...

Lost about sums it up...and sometimes we cross lines we should have not crossed...and sometimes when it's all real good, it gets real bad...real quick.

Sometimes we let people down and people let us down..

So sometimes we need to crawl back in our caves, if only for a little while..if only to recharge..if only to sit in solitude...if only to cry for no 'apparent reason', if only to uncross those lines....

So we can crawl back out and re-join the human race...

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