Here are some more pics!!

Yesterday we went to Islands of Adventure and Miss C had a blast at Seuss' Landing...(I must say I did too)

I finally convinced the Ex to go on a Roller Coaster...and it was...Drumroll Please!!!


Reallllly scary!! lol!!

The three year olds on that ride were beggin for mercy!!! and my ex along with them!!!
Miss C on the last ride..and mom with look of utter confusion and total tiredness!! (if such word exists)
Miss C Soakin' Wet with her aunt on the One Fish Two Fish ride!!! ( Mom sat in the sidelines {she did not want to get wet; I do not make those kinds of sacrifices for my child}, and I looked like an abnormal parent, from afar singin' gleely to Dr. Seus's song: One Fish, Blue Fish UP UP UP, Two fish Red fish, DOWN DOWN DOWN) Do not ask how I remembered this song from last year's trip!!
I am soooo not interested in Old School Woody!!
My beautiful new 710's and my new platforms on their maiden voyage to Orlando..

Miss C on the Carrusel (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong)


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