I am so full of glee (aside from the fact that I am going into cardiac arrest per lack of chocolate)...Noemi nominated me for a Blog with Purpose Award.

I am honored and very humbly accepting the award along with a $1000 dollar check and full year supply of Coccoa Pebbles and Charleston Chew's.


If ya'd like to participate here are the rules:


1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.

2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.

3. In their post about the award they need to link back to this entry.

4. Awarded parties

Okay, so many blogs so few awards...

1. Katie Morton. Writer.Lover.Goofball

Originally also known as "Dating is Hell". I have followed Katie all the way from her dating adventures, to dating steady all the way up to her new found engagement bliss. I admire her hard working effort to try to balance everything and keeping us all on that hopefulwave that love can show up for us all.

2. Gnightgirl

This is my home girl...and I'm proud to say it...a great writer, even greater fotographer, but best of all she sees the good in everything, her silver lining is my goal...Her only son is out in Iraq and instead of moping around she has started Toys for Troops....to help out the troops and children in the Middle east...definitely not your average soccer mom...

3. TMI

Another super trooper. I found her through and Autism sight. She is a mom of three, one of her children just like Miss C. She manages to make it all work, especially the baking and cooking gluten free, how she does it, I don't know. She's witty, caring, outspoken. My kind of Mom.

4. The Simple Family

Been a reader for quite some time. From the Sarcastic Journalist days...and although she is no longer that, I absolutely love her writing and even more so that I'm trying to be green. I love her tips and they way she balances two young children, writing, working and helping mother earth.

5. It's myEscape

Chelle is awesome. Period. She has some hard times. Sometimes too hard, but she sucks it in and gets through it. She manages to go through hard times with fabulous hair. Believe me, you wouldn't wanna see me in hard times...I love reading about her trips and her insight on relationships and life....did I also mention she is a great mom??!!

This blogger award thing is not fair though...cause you can't nominate anyone who has been nominated...

So I'm giving out extra awards...lol...

Noemi and Yoly

Noemi...how do you manage with all that testosterone in a house away from your native habitat...I don't know...but you manage....and that in itself is great..

Yoly...you have the same struggle I do, plus more kids, a husband and a house to run...no easy feat, but I enjoy reading all about the struggles and the triumphs, which I savor as if my own...

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