off to a good start

things in 2008 that drive me mad:

The Old Guy at the Wendy's Parking lot.
I've mentioned him a thousand times.
But this Friday he really did it.

He's a little old man.
Who watches over the lot. To make sure people park correctly and go directly to Wendy's.

He gets in front of your car to give your driving directions.
He pisses me off.

This Friday I go in to park and he immediately starts giving orders, I pull back in order to let another car get out of the small lot.

He starts barking.

"You can't leave your car there"
"Mister, I'm waiting for the other car to leave so I can park correctly."

He keeps barking.

I park.

I get out of my car.

He keeps barking.

"Your car is crooked. You can't park like that, don't complain if some one hits your women drivers".

I did a double take..."women drivers???"

"Hey Dude, you see those yellow lines? I'm supposed to be parked inside them. The car could be upside down and as long as I'm in between those lines, I'm good. So shut it".

He shut it.
I had my lunch.



When people push me to eat.
When I say I'm not hungry, I AM NOT HUNGRY.

Don't keep saying: "Oh Lord you have not eaten...I'll make you something, aren't you hungry?"


Thank you so much, but I'M NOT HUNGRY.


When people think I don't have anything to do.
I have a house, a kid, laundry, crap.

I have crap to do. If you want me to do something, give me a hand with my crap.
If not, take a cue from the Wendy's guy, shut it.


The Kid, aka Miss C is in love.

"Momma, we go to school on Thursday?"
"I love my school, it is pretty".
"That's nice"
"I like Gerardo".
"What???, Who?? Gerardo??"

She smiles. A wicked smile. A wicked smile children should be giving in 7th grade not in Kindergarten.

"Gerardo. Gerado is pretty and I like him".

"To your room, right now...!"

Damn you Jamie Lynn Spears

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