Tune Up

Ever since starting my route back to God, I've been struggling with certain personality traits that really kill me.

  • I don't know if "being a Bitch" counts as a personality trait, if so, it's in the top five, fo' sure.
  • I am a tad rebellious. I don't like being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Blame it on my independent spirit. For example, I don't feel the necessity for me to report my actions to everyone. I feel like when Carrie moved in with Aiden. Every time she'd get home he'd be all up in her grill: "Where were ya, who'd ya meet, who'd you see?".
And let me clarify this is not entirely about True. This about people in general. I need to give no explanations to ANYONE about my daily business. I am almost 30!!

I said "almost".
  • Moody. Very moody, almost bipolarbritneyspearish moody. It's like "Oh Miss C that's wonderful darling...I love you so much" followed by "Sweet Lord!! Can you just go have a spin around the block, grab a drink and let mommy think!"
  • Sarcastic. I like to refer to it as witty, alas, other don't see the charm.
  • Speakbeforeithink syndrome. I got this one real bad. Yesterday when True asked me if I wanted to eat I responded, snapped,
"If someone asks me again if I wanna eat I am gonna have a trombosis!!" (I don't know what a trombosis is, but it seemed bad enough....dramatics is my best trait)

I felt bad after I gotta a look at True's reaction. But also morbidly gratifying.

So that's it.

I just hope the Big Man Upstairs keeps on working with me, cause if not I am gonna have the fate I once predicted upon Empress:

  • alone with a cat

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