Weekend Recap

"Momma, this is what I want the Angels to bring me" pointing out to a toy in a magazine.

"Angels? What Angels?"

"Well, after Santa, the Three Kings, now Angels".

"Hell to the No".

The Chaos is over. The Holidays are officially over. We had Three King's Day on Sunday and next weekend is Octavitas, but it's all over. School starts on Thursday, yes Thursday and things get back to normal.

I can go grocery shopping without having to kill anyone for a box of crackers.

What I won't miss? The light traffic.

Hellatraffic starts on Thursday.

Can't please me...nevah.

Miss C has a blast for Three King's Day. She put the grass, the cookies, water and juice. Grass and Water for the Camels. The rest for the Three Kings.

I got up at 4am to make the grass disappear and to spread some around in a trail.

Her take:

"Boy, momma, those camels sure are messy!!"

As for the rest of the weekend, yesterday I had off from work and spent the entire day cleaning.

Doing laundry.


Folding laundry.


My favorite, the cooking.

Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and wrapped in bacon slices over white rice.


The rest of the evening went by nicely. Me and Vic (Bro's girlfriend) raiding his closet trying to get it clean and playing V-Smile games with Miss C.

And I've proved once again, that I suck at video games.

Diego was getting his ass kicked hardcore by the monkeys who throw the coconuts.

Yes, I'm almost thirty and monkeys threw coconuts at me.

Say something.

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