New Year's Recap

We spent the New Year's at Vader's.

True, his folks, Vader, a cousin, Bro and Girlfriend.

And we slightly invaded the neighbor's bash.

They had a live band.

We sat in the driveway with our instruments and played along. Instruments meaning a bucket with two sticks, our big mouths, some bongos and a guiro with a fork.

Eventually they took a break.

A long break.

And waited for us to leave so they could play again.

We had a lovely time.

And while everyone else ate pork, I ate shrimp.


As the clock struck 12, everyone hugged. I hugged Vader.

She whispered in my ear: "I hope I haven't ruined your life too much".

I looked at her: "Not much".

We hugged again for an eternity.

Then we whisked Miss C off to the bathroom since the fireworks made her haywire.

After the initial noise factor she curled up in True's Dad's arms to watch the fireworks and fell asleep.

I hugged and kissed everyone and settled back into Vader's arms.

She looked at me: "Hasn't our relationship improved?"

"Yes Ma'am....Yes Ma'am".

We called it a night at 1am and I proceeded to my first snuggle with Miss C of 08'.

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