She's baaack

Tomorrow night we are going to an event. True is playing and I'm tagging along.

Guess who is gonna be there also: The Friend

I had not heard from the Friend in a long time, but I assumed she was still there, lurking.

We saw each other once at an event and I stayed away.

When I said I didn't wanna be her friend, I meant it.
Word is, she no longer has a boyfriend.

The joy.

So now I'm really paranoid.

I asked True if he has spoken to her.

In all honesty, he said yes. A few times on msn. The Friend has also sent him messages as to why he is so disappeared...

Let me see...

Maybe it's because he has a girlfriend....


True said he's just been ignoring her.

But the problem is, galpal can't take a hint.
So I told True he is gonna have to talk to her.
Tell her the truth.

Cuz this paranoia thing I get every time we go out somewhere, and she happens to show up, ain't growin' on me.

I got enough to be paranoid about, like no one steppin' on my shoes and looking fabulous...

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