Weekend Recap

Saturday was a long day. We all gathered at Vietnam's pad to watch the fight. Bro, his girl, her parents, my in laws...the complete gang.

Only Vietnam was a bit drunk, upset and being a real ass.

I was trying to tie him up and keep him locked away to no avail.

I sat down angry, upset and hurt.

I thought: "The only way we'll have peace in this family is if he dies".
He fell asleep and bothered no more.

Let's fast forward to Sunday.
The theme was: "Asking for forgiveness in order for others to repent".

A kick in the butt, huh? I started to sing along in the praise, then all of a sudden I began to cry...I mean hardcore cry...I had to get down on my knees because I could no longer stand.

Then it happened. God spoke to me. I mean he's spoken to me before but what he said was mind blowing. He began to give me examples of lives he had changed...dozens of examples...then he stopped and said:

"What makes you think your father needs to die, so all will be well?? I can do that. Let me do that. Worry no more".

He took me in his arms and swayed me...he kissed my forehead.
I cried.

I stood up and True put his arms around me. We started to pray together...the band was playing, the congregation was worshiping...and then we were immersed in the current of the Holy Spirit.

I mean drenched.
I literally felt I was burning up inside, I could not control what was coming out of my mouth.
I was crying, praising, burning up...the works...
There were people around us, praying, singing...I could hear our pastors...it was a worldwind...

I finally fell down...on my knees...a cloak was placed over me...

Then it came...a breeze...a light refreshing breeze...I started to get goosebumps, and I peeked out to see where the breeze was coming from...

It was coming from God.

It was the most awesome Sunday.

I believe in the power of my God.
I believe everything is gonna be allright.

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