who me? Part Deux

So...I stopped believing in Horrorscopes. After I returned to church I stopped reading my favorite go-to-for-the-future-man.

I used to swear by Walter I mean I would actually look under my bed to see if this sucker would be under it, because he was right on the spot, allthemuthaeffintime.

But after a while...after a long while...I stopped believing in Walter.

I mean, just look at him.
He's a Man-Gal in a Cape, who's motto is "peace and love".

So anyhoot, every year Walter does his 2008 predictions.

I plummeted under the temptation.
I couldn't stay away.
I peeked.

Ok. I didn't peek. I kind of surfed on through the column.

I'm gonna have a swell year, lots of companions, NO WEDDING.

I don't know if to be relieved or pissed.

What the hell does this Flying Gypsy know about MY RELATIONSHIP.

But then again, I HAVE NO RING.


And to be completely honest,


So I'll give it to ya' Mr. Mercado.

Maybe you are right. Maybe there will be no wedding in 2008.

But then again a man in a cape can't have all his marbles in one place, now can he?

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