Hit the snooze button

so much to do so little time.

I'm still alive.
swamped under massive quantities of work.

and side projects.

It's the side projects that are killing me...

translating articles for church, taking time out to write, preparing myself for Miss C's PEI on Monday, our first Autism Group meeting (which I am in charge of) saturday, a couple of events we are to perform in, Miss C's birthday, her new school in June, laundry (two huge hampers full of it) and the extreme massive godforsaken heat.

I think the latter is what is killing me and the fact that:

It's been as hot as 102 degrees!!!

In May!

You'll find me running about naked with ice strapped to my forehead come August.

This past weekend I thought I was gonna die in True's house.

Especially Sunday when they roasted some pork in the oven.

I spent mother's day on the front porch playing Monopoly and having a fan shoved up my shirt.


I've decided that for the rest of the summer, unless there is like a massive snow storm, I will be chilling in my crib.

I have A/C. And without the A/C my crib is spacier and cooler.

I wasn't born to sweat.

In other exciting news, my phone broke. It's the second time this particular model has broken in the same particular fashion.

The company says it can only replace it with the same model.

"I'm sorry ma'am if this causes any inconvinience".

"You bet it does...my phone is falling apart, AGAIN".

The lady laughed.

She laughed.

What was so funny about what I said? I don't know.

I got the same model. Paid the Fifty Dollar insurance Fee.

What a stickup.


Miss C is doing good. Her latest phrases go along the lines of: "Yes, exactly" and "What are the instructions?"

She has also now developed a fascination with people's ages. She spends hours asking every one "What age do you have?".

Over and Over and Over Again.

The cuteness factor wears out kind of quickly on this one.

::rolls eyes::

She has also developed a hatred for the extreme heat. She states: "Miss C is hot".
"Miss C needs ice".

I showed her how to place ice on her forehead.
So that will make two naked women in August.

As for wedding plans...I'm gonna check out some places when we find some kind of half hour free in our schedules....

seems like the little time we have left is to completely shut down and sleep.

Yesterday as I put Miss C to bed I feel asleep. When I awoke startled, I realized that True was still at my house!! I had left him watching the game and the plan was to put Miss C to bed and later do some reading or something...

Surprise Surprise...I rushed to the family room to find a Mr. True snoozing....

We are all tuckered out.

But, good news...I am planning my vacation, and even though I will not travel I have SLEEP put in my agenda....

so good snoozing is on it's way...

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