Sound Bites

"Vroom Vroom Vromm...!! Beep Beep!! Mommy I drive very very fast!!!!"

Miss C imitating how she drives..

"Well, darling you need to drive a little slower"

Mommy speaking in very bad British Accent.

"No Mommy....Fast...Very Fast!!!!!"

"Darling...I think you just ran over two people!!! I must take away your license".

Miss C pauses, looks at me with a tad of astonishment...

"Soooorry (in very unapologetic-paris-hilton-get-out-of-my-way-tone)....Vroom Vroom!!!"

We've got a winner here folks..


"You are terrible!! You are very very mischievous!! You'll be a threat to all the pre-schoolers and you'll drive your teacher mad...." Insert Giggle Giggle here by a mom in a fast food line as I was waiting my turn..

Her son looks up and she pats him on the head...

"You're gonna train two or three to be just like you".

I must jot down his name for future reference when I see him on The New Sopranos.

Some parents are just plain crappy.


In other crappy related news...Wendy's Vanila Coke Float...did not agree with me.

So beware...

I'm guessing that's a little bit TMI for you folk to digest right about now.

Crap happens...

Ok. I'll stop.


You know the brand new phone I was expecting to replace my crappy old one....???

It arrived yesterday.

40 minutes later, Miss C dropped it on the floor.

Concrete Floor, minda ya'.

"Sorry. I'm gonna go watch Hi-5 now".

Speaking of these people....Have you see this show??? Hi-5
has kidnapped my daughter, it has her hypnotized every day at 6:00pm and 9:30pm sharp.

At the beginning I was a bit happy...hell, who doesn't want their kid to be Wax-Museum-Still for a full half hour?

But after a few nights I began to worry, I began to loathe them, because Miss C has developed an obsesion. She doesn't read a clock, but by looking at the position of the sun she can exactly tell ya' when the show is on....

5 adults prancing around singing about their 5 senes quickly wore me out.
These are not the Wiggles I tell ya'.

The craze has been so ridiculous that there was a radio survey on "What program do you hate the most?" and guess what all the people called to say....??

Yep. Hi-5.
They all said the same thing: the show has my child obssesed.

The show is educational and I really see no harm, but at what point should I begin to worry???

I'd say right about when Miss C said: "Get in Car and Drive, Hi-5 is on!!"

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