We got in the car.
I had just finished hosting my First Autism Group Meeting.


No feedback.

So I make the mistake of asking for feedback.

What do I get??

Negative feedback, of things I did wrong, things I should've have done.

Don't get me wrong..I appreciate knowing what are my weak points, but having no positive feedback, no pat on the back, no "don't worry it'll all work out, you did good".

kind of sucked the joy right out of my weekend.

I don't want to be prized for my efforts. But I just wanna know that even with the flaws in tow, I'm doing something right. That people left happy and a little more secure that they are not alone in this battle.

I don't wanna be left with the feeling that I did a horrible job and people think I'm some looney lady trying to do something I can't.

So that was that.
But you know what?????

I did a good job. I did my best job. And I'll keep doing my best. And that is all that matters.

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