Old people are obnoxious

Ok. Not ALL old people.

But boy oh boy, some of them think they belong on the edge of the Titanic screaming they are kings of the world.

Sometimes they get on my nerves.

I like the nicely scented, properly groomed, elderly folk who will crack a smile upon looking at you and won't mind telling you a story or two about how things were back in the day.

I dislike the: I am old, I can smell, I can talk trash and all the world shall kneel upon my request, and I will bitch and whine about how things are so messed up now.

I lost my Social Security Card.
and Miss C's.

I had to go and get new ones.
It took me all day.

All day sitting with the elderly.

the elderly kept making noises.

The security guard kept telling them they had to pipe down because if not they would not hear the numbers called.

They didn't care.

So the security guard got firm: You are not children, you need to keep it quiet or else you will not hear when your turn is called.

That ignited one particular crow.

"We are not children to be treated this way...I will call your supervisor...you are rude...that is why our world is the way it is...you are obnoxious..blah blah"

The guard kindly said: Well then act like adults and your opinion of me is merely that, an opinion. It is sad when they say that the youth of this nation is so inproper when we have the elderly giving such bad examples.

and then he kept quiet.

But crow from the pits of hell wasn't having it...she kept talking trash.
I don't know how the security guard didn't beat her with the straw he was gnawing.

I huffed out loud: "Oh please give it a rest....."
Everyone looked my way. Silence.

I had been standing....for quite some time..and guess what happened....?

A seat became available.

Next to the crow.

She looked my way.

"Hey...here's a seat.."

"Um..no thank you".

"Come sit, why are you gonna stand?"

I quickly saw that the row behind her, full of lil' old ladies, looked at me and began to giggle.

They knew why I didn't wanna sit.

Thankfully enough another elder came in and I offered him a seat.

I wouldn't want bloodshed in a federal building...

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