Weekend Recap

It was a long 4 day weekend.

You know how I love long weekends.

Long weekend with children and events.

Note sarcastic undertone in this one.

I spent my whole Friday evening putting furniture in place, cleaning out drawers, making closet space and breathing into a brown paper bag.

In the end, I must say everything looked good. Everything in it's place, makes me a happy camper.

Saturday morning after therapy I took Miss C to get her school supplies, she starts next week.

Old-Hag mommy picked out some plain notebooks, the ones I get every year, and I swear if that girl was mute, she would explode.

"Not those! theeeeeese"

Clearly pointing out to some much more fashionable notebooks, not the old brontosaurus ones I had picked for her.

Godforbid she gets excluded from the hip crowd at such a crucial age: Kinder.

I got all her supplies.
Now all I need is: her backpack, lunchbox, school uniforms, gym uniforms, underwear, socks and all the toiletries they put on the list.

A few Benjamins more and we're all set.

::rolls eyes::

Saturday evening True had a concert he was attending. I was supposed to attend as well, but A: I had no sitter and B: I had a prior engagement with the Women's Ministry in my Church (which I so happen to be on the leadership of) and I thought it was best I go there.

I was already in bed at 10pm.

But up early for breakfast and church.

Sundays at church are extremely hard for me.

Miss C decides to absolutely make me lose the little communion I have with the Lord and completely go bonkers.

She screams, she cries, she hits, she bites.

So the service is underway and I'm stuck in the conference room trying hard not to beat her like you beat a rug in your lawn.

Sunday was not an exception. After being a complete pain in the arse, I finally managed to gargle a: "I'm so sick of this crap" speech.

True looked on with a helpless stare.

"I'll help".

"No. Go to the service. Let me be".

You see, when Miss C is acting like the devil's spawn, I don't want anyone to intervene. I just let her wail. At some point or another she is going to shut up. Plus, I don't want any "Oh you poor thing glares".

I'm not a charity.

Miss C noticed my indifference and quickly pulled out the Manipulation 101 manual: "Oh mommy, I love you!!" while she clung to my neck....crying and wailing...covering up my blouse with snot and tears and drool, Sunday's best.

She calmed down, we left, we ate, and got ready for the evening.
We were invited to a church to perform and preach.

With Miss C in tow.
Really looking foward to this one.
She couldn't sit still, she ripped some pages out of an hymn book, she was all over the place, touching instruments, hitting, a real doll.

She finallly settled down because she was hungry and True told me I had to go outside to eat.

Great. Tell that to Miss C.
I reluctantly went outside and Miss C wailed and cried. She wanted to eat inside.
So I was stuck outside, with the heat, with a screaming child, who went more bonkers once she started seeing the mosquitos and night bugs (which terrify her to death).

Yeah. I was really looking foward to speaking about the love of God that night.

We did what we had to do and called it a night.

I was tired, beat, exhausted. I had Monday off, but I had to get up early to take Miss C to the Doctor so he could fill out her Medical Examn thing to take to school.

Guess what?

She needs blood test, urine tests, and all sorts of wonderful examns in order to get her enrolled.

Oh. the. joy.

After that, I decided to take her to see Shrek the Third.
She had been begging to see it all week.
She didn't deserve it, but I'm a sucker.

There, ya happy?

At the movies, she was an angel. She sat, she watched, she laughed and was very well-behaved.

The key?

Take her to the first screening at 12pm where it is empty and make sure it's a movie she has shown interest in.

After that we went to visit True's folks and then called it a night.

A lot of other things took place and I'm not really gonna get into them details. But let's just say I'm not a happy camper.

I'm not sad or depressed.
I'm just in 'letting the little things get to ya' mode.
I'm just in 'oh why don't you stick a sock in it' lane.

But in a nutshell, that was my weekend.
And I'm glad I'm at my office today.

No boss, no kid, just me, and the sound of the A/C.

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