10 years later

A night wasted.

I could've made some curtains for Miss C.

But noooooo...

I spent my evening at a 10 year high school reunion.

I remmembered why I wanted to graduate so fast in the first place.

Fish out of water.

Once again.

"Hey look!!! It's the 'rapper'...!"

The rapper????

As in rap artist???

Good Lord the things I get myself into.

"You haven't changed a bit".

Is that good or bad???

Actually it wasn't all bad until the subject of kids came up.

"Well I have a girl..."
I mustered...

"You do?"

"Well I don't have any kids...thank God.." ::rolls eyes::
"I don't either"
"I don't either, I love my free life...nephews are enough for me".

Lots of single ladies in their late twenties...all drinking it up, acting like they graduated yesterday...

The women with children were set apart, like if we were a plague.

"Come along ladies, where are the mom's...?? a picture of the mom's..."

I declined.

Having kids isn't a plague.
Hell, I'd be worried if I was almost 30 single and sans family.

But, whatever floats your boat, ya know.

At 11pm me and True, poor lonely True who sat and watched it all unfold, made a silent exit...went to Starbucks and headed home.

I dropped him off and went to pick up a sleepy Miss C.

I plopped her into bed and scoffed...

I gazed at the sleepy kid who was hoggin' my sheets and the tons of toys scattered in my room...

"these people don't know what their missing..."

They really don't.

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