the fact that I'm tired, sick and sleepy.


  • T-Day went by very smoothly. True's parents went over Vader's and we all had a civilized and nice afternoon. During some moment of the event I fell into fear due to my bro who was busy churning out jokes. Every time I heard the phrase, "...well, there once was a drunk..." I had to keep looking at him and say "PG! PG!".

I'm a Christian but I can tolerate my brother's language.

I'm wasn't so sure if True's Jehova witness mom could do the same.

  • The rest of the weekend was long and boring.

  • I tried to avoid the stores at all cost, but ended up taking Vader to the mall early on Saturday so she could do her X-mas Shopping. Miss C came along. Halfway through Walmart as she beated me with a sharp object I thought that just maybe I could suffer from the syndrome called: massochismdelirium. Alas, we all survived, but I don't think Vader will be wanting us to join her in anymore shopping.

  • I caught up on my winter cleaning and got the X-Mas Tree up and running.

  • I also managed to fix up the kid's room which is now officially Spongebob Squarepants territory.

  • I tried to convince her with the Disney's princesses to no avail.

But who am I kidding, I had Spiderman sheets as a kid.

  • Mickey had a plus one, or plus two...I saw another swoosh by me in the living room yesterday night. I think a cat might be in order right about now.

  • True and I have been busy and although we've been spending lots of time together I feel as thought it's been time not used well enough.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with laying on the couch for a while, but for the whole 4 day weekend, I think it's a bit excessive.

  • I must confess that on Sunday afternoon I was gnawing the arm off the couch.

  • I been feeling under the weather these past fews days and I think my body is demanding some much needed rest, but with the Kid, the boyfriend, the holidays and mickey's plus one, who can manage to shut an eye?
what have you been up to?

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