Trick o' Treat

So we went to Vader's.

As I was reapplying the kid's (Miss C's) bunny make up...she had a brilliant idea...

"Momma (she never says mommy), paint your face" no no no no....I ignore her.


Insert adorable doe-eyed child face here.

"paint your face momma...a kangaroo!!"

"Honey I'm your momma, not Picasso. No Kangaroo. But I bet I can do a wicked cat".

So off I was to paint my face.

There are no pictures for futher humiliation, Thank God.

So we get to Vader's. She has all types of goodies, candies,

The Bro arrives with the Girl, True also stops by and we all head off to Vader's room for our Wednesday's night of Scene it?. I got it on sale last week and we have been addicted ever since. So we sit on the bed, pull out the game board, turn on the TV and,

Bro gives me a look...I 'meow' at him...

"Oh...that's what you are!!"

"Yeah, whadya think I was?"

"The lost fourth member of KISS".


To add more salt to my wound, I was winning, and then the stupid questions came up, for the benefit of Bro and True...

"Who was the killer in Nightmare on Elm Street?" "Who was the Killer in Friday the 13th parts 2-10?"

I would get the ones that went: Answer the question that follows this clip....plays clip....question: "How many chairs were behind the person that was talking to the other person?"


Clearly they knew people with poor movie skils..::cough cough:: my Bro and True were playing.

The game is bias.

True won.

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