Still alive

Over 7,000 people marched to prove that Autism is treatable and that many can recover....

I was beat, tired, exhausted....and today my voice is still raspy....

Here are some pics from Sunday and some other pics of her yesterday morning at a school dance. She was dressed in tipical puertorrican garb.

Returning back to the march, True's parents went and even Miss C's dad says present. It was a very special day for me, since I always march alone, and this year I had a family to march with.

Miss C was clearly adorable in her Yankees cap....mommy amd me matching caps might I add...

I ended the march with a small's in spanish but I put it for your viewing pleasure....

It went something like this:

"I can tell you how much Miss C has progressed and the afternoon would fall short.

I can tell you that just when we thought that she had progressed a lot, she surprised us by progressing even more.

I can tell you, that they told us she might repeat Kinder, and now there is a big chance she might go to first grade.

I can tell you she has lots of imaginary play and loves spongebob.

I can tell you she still loves pony's and now she loves Pet Shops.

I can tell you she doesn't like Discovery Kids, because she says: she is a big girl

I can tell you her teachers say she is a 'leader who moves the masses'.

I can tell you I feel very proud when I see her sleep without pampers, see her write her name and use the bathroom. Things she could not do last year.

I can tell you I still cry at night, because I don't know where this train will take us and what our last stop will be.

I can tell you my hair still falls out due to stress, especially when I feel I can do more.

I can tell you this all goes away, when she looks in my eyes and tells me like she did a couple months ago: 'mommy I love you because I am happy with you'.

I can tell you, I am happy too.

I can tell you I found happiness, love, a little bit of peace and hope this year.

I can tell you that I marched today to tell you all, that we broke the Myth and beat Autism.

I can tell you that God is Grand and has lots in store for all of us.

I can tell you that this that has happened to my family is not a fairytale, it is a beautiful reality.

A reality that can be available to many more family's if early diagnosis, accessible treatments were on hand, if the leaders, health and educational professionals did the ir job. So we can all one day yell out loud: We too, broke the Myth."

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