Things that hurt

Today was Miss C's school pictures. I decided to cave in and let her have them since she hasn't had some nice pictures in a quite some time.

Today she got out of school at 11am and since the Special Education Bus Drivers are on strike, I had to stay at school until her pictures were over in order to take her to the office with me.

So we are sitting there and this lady, about in her late 50's shows up. The photographer.

"I don't think I'll take the pictures today. There aren't many students. I am not going to set up my stuff for 5 kids".

The teachers went in an uproar and tried to explain that the children were groomed and dressed for the occasion, aside from the fact that there were some parents there to make sure the pictures were taken properly.

I went up to reason with the lady but she kept firm.

So I told her, "Well that is not anyone's problem there aren't many children. You said the pictures were today and if they can't be today I want my deposit back and take her elsewhere for pictures."

20 minutes later she came in to tell us the pictures were on.

Miss C's class was first. They are the smallest and many like Miss C, most of her classmates have Autism.

So I followed them to the room and stood in a corner to watch with horror.

This lady was mishandling them, pulling them, grabbing their heads, mouths....

"Don't slouch, sit straight, don't make faces...I said smile, smile, don't pout...Get off, we'll try again later, I can't deal with these kids".

I looked at the teacher's aid and we exchanged glances of horror.

The Aid went to tell the lady's assistant that these were special kids. But really folks, special or not, you can't actually expect 5 years old's to pose like if this was the cover for GQ.

Then all of a sudden the hag stands next to me and I see the Assistant whisper to her that these were special kids.

The had looks at me and says: "Special Education? Oh, I can tell. Poor kids. You can't help feel sorry for them. What a shame?".

My neck almost snapped.

"Excuse me??? Poor kids??? What a Shame?? I'm sorry, but I don't feel sorry for my kid or any of these kids. It is not a shame. I can anything, but feel sorry for these children!!".

Her eyes almost popped out of her head.

She continued taking pictures but with a hell of a lot more tact.

I looked on in disgust.

It's people like her that make me fear of what my daughter is gonna have to put up with. I hurt when I have to go through things like this and I pray for a day where people will snap out of their ignorance....

Pray with me.

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